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ECB is one of the leading companies in the segment of ornamental stones.

"Know-how and

ECB is recognized internationally as one of the leading companies in the segment of ornamental stones. It is dedicated to the extraction, processing and export of ornamental stones, mainly quartzites.

It is a solid company, which has extensive know-how and experience gained working with the international market for ornamental stones.

The extraction of the products is made in own deposits, located in Brazil, in the state of Piauí, ensuring, guarantee of supply for decades.

In the process, modern machines and highly specialized workmanship are used, offering an excellent finish and highlighting the natural beauty of Brazilian rocks.

One of the hallmarks of ECB is the constant search for new products and the pioneering new technologies that add to their products the quality and sophistication that their customers demand.


The Factory is located on the bank of PI-115, in Piauí Castle, in the state of Piauí, Brazil.

Production Process / The Quarry

"With own deposits, the supply is guaranteed for decades."

ECB runs the entire production process, from mining to exporting its fully finished products. The company is constantly investing in mineral research, machinery and training of his employees, seeking the best quality of their products and customer satisfaction.

It has well mechanized deposits and processing industry, where each part is submitted to a strict quality control compared to the international standards, being able to be seen in great works all over the world. After the final stages of finishing and selection, ECB products are packaged in wooden pallets and marketed in the Brazilian market or exported.

The ECB throughout its production process has great concern for environmental preservation.


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