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Bring a new life to the decoration of your works with
the Morisca™ ornamental rock.

"A rock of
unique features"

Morisca™ ECB is a rock of unique characteristics that gives originality and beauty to the works where it is used.

Can be used on floors, exterior and interior coverings, pool edges, gardens and in rustic finishes.

The finishes can be natural, polished or roughened and can be manufactured in varied sizes, and plates of up to 200 x 100 x 6 cm can be produced.


Characteristics of Morisca™



Meet the standard sizes of the ECB's Morisca stones.

Sizes from 15 x 15 x 1.5 cm up to 200 x 100 x 6 cm
Steps, pieces on measure and FlagStones.


1. Natural/Natural - 2. Natural/Calibrated - 3. Natural/Unfolded - 4. Calibrated/Polished - 5. Flagstone

Works with Morisca™

Datasheet of Morisca™

For more information on ECB Ornamental Rocks.